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Colosseum at Caesars Palace

Park Place Entertainment
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

  • Inauguration : 2003
  • Area : 234,000 square feet
  • Cost : US$ 95 M
  • Type : Theatres & Concert Halls
  • Capacity : 4000 seats

When in 2000, Park Place Entertainment launched its major project to revamp the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino and entertainment infrastructures, it approached Scéno Plus to develop an architectural concept and a theatre design of what was to become the Colosseum.  Constructed directly on Las Vegas Boulevard, the building is loosely inspired by Roman aesthetics with contemporary overtones.  It is one of Las Vegas's largest and most elegant showrooms - a fitting site for Céline Dion’s return to the stage in the production A New Day, directed by Franco Dragone.

Outstanding features

The building, attached to the existing casino, is 120 feet high and 256 feet in diameter. The orchestra level has a capacity of 2,283 seats, with an additional 745 seats in the first balcony and 1,074 seats in the second balcony. The vast 22,450 square feet stage has an enormous 120 feet wide by 44 feet high proscenium arch, one of the largest in the world. For optimal singing conditions, a microclimate air conditioning system for enhanced ventilation and humidity was developed at the front of the stage. A virtually infinite range of theatrical special effects is made possible by the impressive theatre technology:

  • • 1,200 dimmers controlling 1365 theatrical lighting fixtures, of which 198 are motorized
  • • a multi-channel surround sound system with 139 speakers powered by 180 kW of amplification
  • • six 10,000 lumen video projectors
  • • a modular technical grid
  • • a completely motorized rigging system
  • • 200 acoustical pads (32 square feet each) to control the room acoustics
  • • a top notch control room with state-of-the-art show control equipment. 


  • Definition of design criteria, architectural concept and theatre design
  • Interior design of the theatre and lobby and integration with existing casino
  • Design of technical infrastructures and stage equipment systems
  • 3D animation
  • Follow up during construction: architecture, interior design, theatre design and stage equipment  

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